About Us

Setting The Standard in Pharmacy Services

  • 24-hour Pharmacy Support

  • Louisiana-Based Pharmacy

  • Highly Trained Pharmacists on Staff

  • Competitive Prices

  • Continuum of care to decrease hospital readmissions

  • Educational Inservices and Seminars

  • Complete Billing Services

  • Providing Infusion Therapy

  • Innovative Technology Solutions  

Magnolia Pharmacy began in January 1995 servicing a few Long Term Care facilities in the area.  Quickly, it grew to servicing more than 30 facilities across the state of Louisiana. We are proud to say that the pharmacy continues to be locally owned and operated.

Magnolia Pharmacy’s Long Term Care staff provides comprehensive oral and IV medication. We are dedicated to delivering high quality service to the staff and residents to help achieve optimal outcomes, reduce hospital readmissions, and control costs.  Our experienced pharmacy staff provides exceptional service with expertise in geriatric pharmacology. 

We follow the same mission every day, “To see our business through the eyes of our customer, to exceed their expectations, and to provide the greatest selection and value in their pharmacy needs.” We feel it is our responsibility to our customers, facilities, clinicians, insurers, and most importantly, our residents, that positive healthcare outcomes are achieved and a true value has been received. We believe the value Magnolia Pharmacy provides is not only defined as a fair and competitive price, and the clinically accepted standards of practice, but also found in the personal things we do.

Magnolia Pharmacy's ownership and management are local to the area and are able to make decisions quickly, eager to provide resources, and pilot new cost saving measures with industry partners. We are excited about what the future holds and our continued desire and ability to service the residents of Louisiana.

Quality Service, Compassionate Care